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go on vacation in Japan


The location of Irori House is a relay point of 20 km to Narita International Airport (30 minutes by train)

and 50 km to Tokyo (one hour by train).

We are offering a renting style of Japanese house with a large living room with a hearth. Our wooden house was built in the traditional Japanese wall construction method with a pure solid domestic wood.  Our rural surrounding is the one of the richest nature you can enjoy while you are staying. Reserve a whole house with a nature-oriented and modern Japanese-western style. Relax and enjoy your staying in! ​







Communication with native Japanese






Irori is a traditional Japanese hearth, usually located in the center of living room.  By sitting aside Irori where they eat, drink a tea, talk and about their daily life, you can enjoy a relaxing and private time. The Japanese-style room with a sliding door and tatami flooring, provides futon for sleeping, and offers you the experience of Japanese life style » living close to the floor«.


The parts where you can touch in the house such as the floor, the wall and the celling, are all made of natural domestic materials. The fragrance of wood revives the feeling of adoration for nature, and the gentle wall plaster rests our body and mind unknowingly, and brings us back to our origin.

Experience the Japanese life




Do you want to experience the Japanese local life while you are traveling in Japan? Your wishes will come true at Irori House: communicating with local people, experience their daily lifestyle, their food and their habits of enjoying the four seasons.


The life in Japan is the life with nature in Yachimata. Staying at a mixture of Japanese-Western style house with a hearth, offers you »traveling like a living in the country«. We are providing you some experiencing programs which make your wish come true.  It is easy to order foods by the local famers from the famous agriculture city Yachimata. You can also enjoy the local cuisine, cooking classes, agricultural experience, Japanese culture experience, healing service and cultural exchange programs with local people.

Hub to travel around japan






The location called Yachimata is a relay point of 20 km to Narita International Airport and 50 km to Tokyo Asakusa. It is convenient for using airplane flights (LCC etc.) to fully enjoy traveling in Japan, as well as train (Shinkansen etc.).  It is easy to stay as a base for each destination and a reasonable journey is possible.



IRORI HOUSEは、日本の暮らしとワールドスタンダードな快適な滞在を両立する和洋折衷の現代の家で、各種設備をご用意しています。


IRORI HOUSE is a modern house of Japanese-Western style with comfortable world standards, and various facilities are available. We give warm hospitality to you so that you can enjoy your short-term and long-term stay, like a living at your own house.